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Printing MonitorWelcome to Printing Monitor, your Green Printing solution!

I found a pretty easy way how to control your printings!
We all know where paper comes from and we are all concerned about those Trees
which are being brutally cut and processed to a Printing Paper but only some of us
really do something about it in a direct way, like budgeting the amount of paper,
recycling and so on.
I have came up with an idea which will give all of us the opportunity to participate
in the trees saving campaign.
This idea is best described as a bridge between you, the user and the papers being wasted.
I developed Software which works on the background and monitors all your
printing activity.
If, by any means, the software senses that you are wasting too much paper - it will cause
the printing to pause and give you an alert. Now you decide – is that printing necessary?
Can it be trashed? What ever you decide the software will go along with your decision.
Now because each and every one has his own thoughts and needs,
I created a Configuration Window which decides the rules.
If you wish to know more about how this Software actually works Click on the
'How It Works?' tag.
I created this Software out of concern for our nature and decided it will be
FREE of any charge.

It can be used freely with no obligation rules (except the copyright ones) in your home, office,
with and without internet connection. It is configured to work per user so if the PC has multiple
users each user can set his or her own configuration rules.
If you wish to extend your action and be a live participant in this campaign,
Feel free to register your software and to this website. It is also FREE of any charge.
In order to see the benefits you get by registering, click in the 'More' tag.

Some scenes that I witnessed and that could have been avoided if this software was installed:

"A huge document was opened by me, I wanted only to print few pages from it but accidently
I printed all of it…"

"I left my little kid alone with my PC and Printer… I need to say no more..."

"My manager told me I am spending too much paper… I wish there was a way I could
automatically monitor my printing activities…"

Do you have your own story to share? write it in the Forum section. It can be approached
via the software.

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ThanksMany thanks to all the people who helped me to create this tool which I tend to broaden
as far as the trees can see.

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