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Q. What is the purpose of this Software ?
A. The purpose of this Software is to help you control the amount of paper you spend
while you use it with your printer. It will warn you if you are printing too much.
you configure how much is too much.

Q. Can I use this software anywhere on any Windows based PC?
A. Yes. you can copy the installation file you downloaded to any PC and install it there.
It performs also with computers with no internet access.

Q. Why do i appear as a Guest when i log to the WebSite?
A. Its either you didnt Register yet (its totally FREE) or you entered the WebSite not
from your software but directrly from the browser.
Use the 'Help and Information' Tab of your software to approach to different pages
on the WebSite from your software.

Q. Why do i need to fill in my Email when i request to register?
A. In order for us to be sure you are a valid user we need to authenticate you.
No misuse of your Email address will be performed by us.

Q. Why do i need to enter a nickname and password?
A. The nickname is for the Forum. the Pawword is to know that nobody is trying to
immitate you.

Q. I get the following message when i try to install the software. why is that?

   windows framwork 2.0

A. Thats because you don't have Windows Framework installed. follow the directions
described in the 'Download' section in order to download it. after you download and
install the framework you can do the software installation.

Q. I get this message when i try to run the software. what can be the reason ?

framework not installed

A. You probably copied only the execute file and tried to excecute it in a PC which
doesnt have windows framework 2.0 installed. follow the directions described in the
'Download' section in order to download and install it.

Q. Who is the person behind all this ?

A. Avi Shaby from ISRAEL , implementing his hobby.

Avi Shaby

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