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  Printing Monitor  
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The idea behind this Software is rather simple.

Every Printing that you do thru Windows is managed by the Windows Printing Manager.
Each Printer you install (even a virtual printer) is given a Name and every Print Job you
make is given an ID code.
When you decide to print something, the Windows Printing Manager receives this event and
puts it in a printing Queue belonging to that Printer.
What information is in that Queue ? the Document you want to print, the amount of papers it
contains and the situation of that Print: if it is ready for printing or is it Paused.

Now lets understand how this Software interacts with the printing issue:
The Software is using the Printing Manager and instructs it to Trigger it whenever
a new Print event arrives.
The Software then examines the information freshly added to the Queue and compares it
to what You have entered in the Configuration window.
The information you entered instructs the Software about the rules on which it needs to act.
If no Action should be done, the Software continues to monitor events without doing a thing
but if an Action should be done then the Software Pauses the current print and alerts you.
Now its up to You to decide what to do. You can either continue the printing or delete it.
If you decide to continue with the printing the Software will release the Pause
but if you decide to Abandon the printing the Software will remove it from the Queue.

This software can handle Multiple Printing events and will save the information in its memory
until you are free to deal with them.

As a bonus, the Trigger this Software receives also includes Error Printing Events like:
Out Of Paper, Paper Jam and more - so it can give you alerts on those as well.

The Software algorithm is as follows:
1. Paper Total events (You exceed the amount of paper you allow to print in general) are all
bounded together as one event while Paper Individual events (You exceed the amount of paper you
allow to print in every single print) are threaded seperately
2. If Paper Total event and Paper Individual event are triggered together then the Paper Total
event wins.

Press Release: Printing Monitor - a simple way to control your printings