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Hello Guest  (How to register)           How To Register
How to register?

First you have to Download and install the software.
(refer to the Download section for details).

After doing so, as the software is executed, 'Right click' on the Software's icon
which is located in the task bar and press 'Register Product'.
You will see the following screen :

Request Registration

Fill in your Name, Email address and Gender (english characters only)
and press the 'Request registration'.
Doing so will refer you to a web page where you will need to fill in a validation number
that you see on the screen.

After doing so check your email for an authentication process. it is necessary to see
that you are who you say you are.

You will receive an email requesting you to press a link.
pressing the link will successfully end your registration process.

You will receive a registration number which you will have to insert into your software
as shown in the following image.
after doing so - press 'Register'.


Now you will be registered both on the website as well as on the software itself.

Refer to the 'More' section to see what benefits you receive as a registered user.
You can also edit your details at any given time by refering to the 'Edit Your Details' section
on the website.